Are you thinking of practicing in Québec?
This site explains the process to be followed by Canadian Lawyers who are already licensed outside of the province of Québec and wish to obtain a full permit allowing them to practice law within Québec.

Equivalency Overview

The Barreau du Québec offers Canadian lawyers a special "equivalency" program to obtain a full permit to practice law in Québec. This site walks you through all of the steps needed to obtain your Québec practice permit and provides useful tips to help ensure your success.

If you are not already a lawyer, but rather a student, this site may also provide you with some useful information, however, it does not cover the traditional Québec bar process for new graduates.

‍If you are a Canadian lawyer who is thinking about practicing in Québec, this site is intended to answer many of the questions you might have before, and during, the equivalency process. For more information, the best place to look is the Barreau du Québec website, which is the regulatory organization that governs Québec lawyers.

Summary of Equivalency Requirements

If you are short on time, this provides a quick summary of the requirements and study tips related to the equivalency exam. When you have more time, you can come back and read through the details found elsewhere on this site.

Required Forms and Information

Exams and Material

Preparation and Study Tips

Dates and Passing Grade

To learn more, please follow: Details of the Québec Equivalency Process.